So, you live in the West Michigan area, and would like to get your amateur radio license? 

Or, you have your technician or general class license and would like to upgrade?


With the Internet, this is easy to do. 

There are several online study guides and even more online testing sites.


One of the best online sites to go to is KB6NU, Dan Romanchik's website at

These study guides are free, and for a small fee, you can obtain ones for your Kindle and Nook. 

He has study guides for all three license grades.

What I like is that he explains what you are studying about without going in Astro-physics.

I would recommend that you simply print off the entire PDF and study from it as you have time. 


Another great online study site is This is also a free site, including free registration. If you registers, it maintains a history of your practice study scores. 


If you have an Android phone, look at the "Ham Radio Study" free app.

If you have an Iphone or Ipad, look at the "Ham Radio Exam" series, also free. 


If you wish to simply memorize and take online test exams, there are several to choose from.

Online Testing:    Remember, there are 394 questions on the technician pool, 456 questions in the general class pool, some 702 in the Extra !                                                   


My recommendation is to go and use an online exam service from above, every two or three days. You will start out with a low 30% passing grade. But remember that you are going to be memorizing the answers to 454 questions! Do not try to test every night. But if you test every other day for the 8 weeks, that will be over 24 sessions. This works well for over 96% of people.


If you wish to have the raw pool questions and answers, they can be found at the ARRL website:


In the West Michigan area, the Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association holds tests sessions on the second Friday of every month:

And the Allegan County Amateur Radio Club holds testing sessions on the fourth Saturday of the odd months at the Allegan Hospital:

At this time, the Holland Amateur Radio Club is holding a "Ham Radio License in a day" class twice  year. Look at the Holland ARC website for more information


Tom Bosscher K8TB