Spark in the Park


A Science Fair for Amateur Radio

August 19, 2017

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

(Yes, now a morning event !!) 

No Admission Charge

Home School Building

5625 Burlingame SW, Wyoming, MI


Sponsoring Clubs:

Holland Amateur Radio Club

Lowell Amateur Radio Club

Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association

Allegan County Amateur Radio Club

Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council

Riverside Radio Amateurs (Ionia County)

Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance


It's not a flea market.

It's not a field day. 

It's kinda like a science fair for amateur radio.

It is an exposition of many facets of amateur radio, including:

     -VHF/UHF roving in a pickup truck, Bob, K8DOG  


     -VHF/UHF vehicle roving, Dave, KF8QL

-Mototrbo digital radio, Mike, KB8ZGL

-HF digital modes, ARRL Michigan Section Technical Specialist

-Amateur Mesh networks

-QRP portable operations

-Remote transceiver operation

-"Go Bags" and boxes


-Amateur radio controlled quad and hexcopters, with live video downlinks

-Arduino amateur radio projects


Pictures from

Spark in the Park


A multi-club amateur radio science fair


Over 20 folks met at 4 PM to revitalize the Michigan VHF-UHF Society, now at


Bob, K8EIO shows his trik, with an Elecraft KX3 on board




Bob, working some DX with a wire thrown up in the tree. 


James, KB8VUC, fine tuning a Mesh-Node setup


James, KB8VUC and James, W8ISS communicate with each other !



James, W8ISS had a camera on his car, feeding a mesh-node.





Doug, KD8CAO, working the FO-29 SSB satellite 




Mike, W8DER get 1st place for his most impressive Arduino display


Mike showed some 14 different Arduino amateur radio projects



Two of Mike's "Fox Boxes", used for hidden transmitter hunt.



John, AC8JW demonstrating  HF digital modes


Jason, KD8QNX demonstrated SDR radios




Al, KC8OPU shows his custom made drone

Gale, N8GS flys his quad copter, equipped with a GoPro camera


Mike, KB8ZGL brought his companies "portable" crank-up tower




Tom, N8DGD and Steve, AC8QE inside the Red Cross communication vehicle




Dave, KF8QL with his multi-band VHF-UHF rover



Bob, K8DOG and his 6, 2 and 70 cm rover




This is Ron's, K8DMR mobile UHF ATV antenna


Bob, KD8HNF with his remote HF station





Phil, K8PVH with his dual band radio in a lunch box


Larry Camp, Wb8R, our state SM from the ARRL


Mike, KB8ZGL explaining Mototrbo radios

Laryn, K8TVZ and Mike, KB8ZGL deciding the future of amateur radio


Jason explaining some of the benefits of SDR

We said "Spark in the Park", and here is the Spark!



The Spark Transmitter replica was made by Karl, W8KGR and is now cared for by the 

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council, one of the sponsors of this event. 




On the left, Phil, K8PVH explains his "Igloo" go box and coffee can antenna mount.


Michigan's very own "World Renown" amateur radio author, Dan Romanchik, KB6NU


A partial tube collection owned by "E.T." Ed Trombley, N8DCC





Allegan County ARC's president, Jim Gillis, AC8AG


Jeff Nonhof, KD8THX, Holland ARC's very own SDr and Arduino/RaspberryPi expert. 


Surface Mount Technology soldering


A partial showing of Karl, W8KGR's key collection. 



QSO totals from Mike, KB8KB and Jim, K8JH excursion to VP9 land.



Mike, W6RP showing off laser communications.



Some impressive go-kitting by Wes, KD8VQH



A special thank you to the sponsoring clubs:

Holland ARC

Lowell ARC

Grand Rapids ARA

Allegan County Radio Club

Kalamazoo Amateur Radio Club

Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council

Riverside Radio Amateurs (Ionia County)

Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance


Spark in the Park, August 19, 2017

Home School Building

5625 Burlingame SW, Wyoming, MI



For more information, contact Tom Bosscher